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Links to Amateur Radio related websites
Personal Sites
M0TCX (2E0CTX,M6CTU) Piotr's website. I took my foundation weekend, IL practical and exam with Piotr. Although I beat him to the full licence, he has totally outdone me with the quality of his website. Latest, Piotr made it and is now M0TCX.

OZ1BXM Terrific advice and information for QRP operators. Lars advice is also more than applicable to any operator with modest aerials and lower power output.

Websites For the Aspiring Radio Amateur - Tuition Help

BRATS online Full Exam guide A navigational challenge around their site but all the info is here and it  really is an amazing help when preparing  for the full licence exam

QADV - Questions for Radio Amateurs Absolutely terrific little downloadable programme for those attempting the full licence exam. A huge and regularly updated database of questions. Allows you to concentrate on the areas that you may be struggling with. I'd rate this far above hamtests at the moment. A big 'thank you' to G3KZB for this resource.

Morse training sessions on 2m FM St Albans area
Bob G4PVB's Sunday evening morse training sessions on 2m FM. Please visit his website for more details.

Amateur Radio Club Sites
Loughton & Epping Forest Amateur Radio Society LEFARS  The club that I belong to. Excellent tuition and facilities for those looking to get on in amateur radio. Plenty of members and well attended meeting and field days.

CDXC Chiltern DX Club
If you're serious about dx'ing, you'll already be a member. If you want to be serious about dx'ing, join.

Handy Sites for the Radio Amateur
DX World
Any dx news worth knowing will be on this site, often before anywhere else.

MW0JZE's Hexbeam
Ant's G3TXQ boradband hexbeam site. Buy the entire antenna from him or just buy selected parts.

Club Log An excellent free service (although please donate a little to help the running costs). An introduction to what it is and what it can offer can be found HERE

Forthcoming dxpeditions
Plan your holidays/vacations only after reading this ;-)

Maidenhead Locator Map Superb locator map based on Google mapping. Scroll around, zoom in and click the location and you'll see the locator for that square. Handy for finding out the locator of a station worked who hasn't got their locator stated anywhere but you know their town/village.

Amateur Radio Prefix List There is no shortage of prefix lists on the web, but this one is special, in that it has a breakdown of countries into their regions and the prefix for that region. I know to some it will sound anal but as an SWL I spent more time chasing S. American regions than I did U.S. states (I was never so deep that I chased U.S. counties).

In the old days it was painstaking work going through the huge foreign listings callbook and working out which prefix went with which state/region in a country, having an atlas at hand as well. Fortunately I still have my old SWL logbooks (big manuscript books) so I still had a reference to go to, BUT now it s all there for you on this link...and I can see some minor mistakes in my old books, usually spelling.
AC6V.com, I salute you!!

Ham Radio Deals Forums
A pretty good place for used equipment sales.The general forums are mainly populated by those living around North West England, and some very odd characters can be found on there, but also a few very level headed guys who do know their stuff.

www.hamradioforum.net A friendly forum for amateur radio discussion from the guys who brought us hamtests

www.qrz.comThe big one 'The Zed'. If your call isn't in the qrz database, it should be. Register on their forum page and then post a request to be added to the database in the 'DX Helpers' section. You can then modify your entry when you are added. Every amateur radio operator should be in this database. The forums are like any 'big board', exhibitionists will stand out but most people on there are decent guys.

Eham ... I wouldn't bother with the forums, full of posts by people you'd naturally assume are spoilt emotional 12 year olds, but are actually grown men when you visit their qrz pages. Still, it's quite easy to spot some of the nutters, they use pseudonyms instead of callsigns for their username. If you go to eham, ignore anything from one of the latter loonies, be it in the forums or the review sections.

Propagation Websites
Latest solar images usually updated once an hour, and in hi-resolution if wanted.

Solarycycle24.com  A great site from Kevin VE3EN full of resources regarding solar conditions. If you're an F2 HF dx chaser, you may find his enthusiasm for geomagnetic storming a little tiresome.