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5T with improvised antenna

by M0TTB - Andy on 11/28/12

Managed to get the temporary antenna up today, despite wind and rain. A cb antenna replaced my 2/70 vertical, and it needed to go up quick as a holiday is looming. I didn't want to miss an easy new one, and 5T should be an easy new one.

So, the sirio gain master went up at around 28ft to the base... and I started up my HF shack again. SWR seemed fine on 10m and ok on 12m. The worrying thing was that I couldn't hear any activity on 10 and 12m... a look at the cluster revealed not much was happening for anyone.

However, I found 5T0SP on 10m, weak signal but he improved a touch and I managed to work them... so I was very happy with that. They were weaker still on 12m, but they started up on 15m, and I thought I'd have a go... courtesy of my Palstar ATU. Amazingly, I worked them without much fuss, and I'm starting to like this good buddy vertical. I only put the antenna up for 10 and 12, so 15 is a real bonus.

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1. Steve said on 6/3/13 - 02:05PM
Hi,Maybe you Should try eleven meter (free) band...I'm quite certain you'll find some stations on there!.

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