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6O - Somalia

by M0TTB - Andy on 05/08/12

Quite surprised to get through so easily last night on 20m, even more surprised to get them after about 2 calls on 10m this morning. I have to say that the pile-ups for 6O haven't been as wide and deep as 7O, but then again 6O isn't in the same league as far as rarity value.

I also picked up 7O a bit belatedly on 20m last night, and that wraps it up for me for 7O, I use 5 bands, I have them on 5 bands... I do not know morse code and, as easy as it is to set up, I will not use a pc decoder/sender for the sake of mode fills or even a 'new one'.... just one of my own personal 'standards' that I certainly do not demand of others.

Talking of personal 'moral codes', I had an interesting one a few weeks ago in a pile-up, when a gallant 'G' told the dx that M0TTB was calling. It was a chilvarous thing to do and the thought was appreciated... but had the dx taken any notice (fortunately he didn't) and worked me, it would not have gone in my logbook. Again, just one of my 'things', the dx has to hear my callsign from me for it to go in the logbook. If someone say's there's an M0 calling, fair enough to some extent, but the suffix is the key.

Similarly, other than a ragchew scenario, I wouldn't disrupt a big pile-up by trying to put anyone else through, as they may have the same 'code' as myself. Even in a non dx pile-up situation, I would only give the prefix at most. So, if I know you well, please don't be offended if I don't put you through with your full callsign, nor ask me in a serious dx pile-up situation... it's not the done thing. Then again, chances are that 'you' will get to the dx before me ;-)

LoTW WAS confirmed, good old WY7QP  (Wyoming) came good quickly and I applied for WAS today, as well as applying for dxcc on 10 and 12, with a few endorsement stickers for other bands as well.

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