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Back from a break away

by M0TTB - Andy on 04/07/12

Back from a week away in coastal Norfolk. My new Boafeng UV-5R managed to get past my YL's custom check, and I was allowed to take it. Have to say, didn't really use it much as the mystery location of our holday was more distant from any 70cm repeaters than I had imagined. I could pick up the Norwich 2m repeater, but not access it from my location near Sea Palling. Still, a break from radio is a good thing... I suppose.

Bands have been rather lacklustre since my return, there has been bits around up to 10m, FK8CP was a nice one on 12m... for a few minues I thought it was a new one for me on 12, then I remembered that I had FK/F4BKV back in February. I did hit 200 dxcc for 2012 yesterday with J6 and XE, an XE gave me WAZ for 2012.

Finally received qsl for T2T Tuvalu from last year, which was a nice Easter bonus, and also got Montana on LoTW.

The E51M dxped has been a real disappointment, heard them once at a reasonable level on 20m ssb, but nothing since. Oddly enough a KH8 one man dxped was on 20m ssb today and was a good signal, yet at the same time E51M was further up the band and absolutely nothing.

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