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CQ Magazine DX marathon

by M0TTB - Andy on 06/01/12

Back in January I submitted my entry into the CQ Magazine 2011 DX Marathon. Today I found out that I came joint 2nd in the world for ssb, which was a nice surprise. I did check the high claimed scores a while back, and I seemed a distant 3rd, but clearly there were some problems with some qso's submitted by the guy above me, and he slipped back to a score of 300.

However, I'm a little bit disappointed that I lost a point through a zone not being accepted. I've been back and checked my submission and I still can't fathom out what one of the 40 zone submissions was deemed a problem, they all seem pukka to me, all the N. Amercan zones were covered correctly and the tricky Russian ones such as #18 and 19.  Never mind, didn't make any real difference, clear second or joint second, it was better than I hoped for.

Back to the radio and it;s all been a bit quiet. Been picking up some new ones on 6m, including a hard fought KP4. The Bhutan dxped wasn't a big lure for me, but did get them on 12m for a new band slot.

With sporadic E season upon us, it's time for me to pick up some missing EU from this years 12m tally.

Update:  John K9EL was happy to answer questions as to reductions in submitted/claimed scores...my downfall was that HRD's country list, although up to date, puts both PJ2 and PJ4 as zone 8, as opposed their true zone, which is 9. A PJ2 was chosen by the log to scoresheet transfer programme for zone 8. Nobody's fault but my own for not examining the final submission for any mistakes.

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1. Martyn said on 6/3/12 - 09:22AM
Well done on CQ Marathon!!

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