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CY9, D6 and Spratly again

by M0TTB - Andy on 08/11/12

Been a while, and a bit of the summer doldrums on HF, with things livening up late July and August with a few nice dxpeds. CY9 was a new one for me, and a great dxped it was too. I was confident of 20,17 and 15m but didn't think 12 or 10m would be likely with those bands being rather dead to North America....however, they appeared on both and I managed them on both bands, so a 'full house' for me with my 5 band hexbeam (ok it has 6m, but more a fun thing with just the two elements).

Then another Spratly dxped was announced with just two ops, but very good ops and a decent paper qsl card route with Tim M0URX...which is more than can be said for 9M0L, where qsl details were vague, and my card has seemingly disappeared, and my emails to their new email address unanswered. So, as much as I defended the 9M0L team when they were active, it does seem it was pretty shambolic on the whole.

So although I had Spratly in the bag on 15 and 17m already this year, it wasn't sheer dx piggery that drove me to work Spratly again on those bands, it was for a paper qsl covering those bands. In the end, and they are still active as I type, I amazingly got 5 bands with 9M4SLL. I was happy enough with 12m, but 10m today was the icing on the cake. So an excellent dxped, and even the W's don't seem to be complaining about this one!

On to Comoros, D64K dxped, and that was never going to be a big challenge... long duration dxped and a pretty easy path, 4 bands 17-10m already in the log, and just 20m left, which can be a bit tough when higher bands are giving high qso rates for this dxped, as they don't really venture on to 20m that often during 'my' day. Quite honestly, and I've probably said it before, I'm really not too fussed about 20m, seems full of degenerates... I don't hear music dqrm or serious dqrm on any of the other bands, it's just 20m.

Other than my overly ambitious aim of getting 200dxcc on 12m in a year, I wasn't going to charge around the bands this year with year listing in mind, ... it seems to have gone that way anyway...currently 241 dxcc this year, and close to 200 on 15m this year. I don;t think that's too bad with a couple of bent elements on each band.

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