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NH8S and 5W

by M0TTB - Andy on 09/09/12

2 new ones in a day, I didn't think that would happen again.
The much anticipated dxped to Swains Island is finally under-way, and a pretty tough path from G. However, it's a big dxped and well equipped, so they are putting out a healthy signal and have the ability to hear less than healthy signals such as mine.

As expected, the pile-ups from EU are fierce, with the worrying high percentage of imbeciles who constantly call when the dx has a partial call (or even a full callsign!)... It hardly ever pays off for the culprits and is nothing other than a waste of time for everyone. I suppose I am fortunate to come from a part of Europe where dignity and decorum often comes naturally... had I been born and raised in a Southern EU country, or over to the South East EU, maybe my natural inclination would be to not care about anyone buy myself and have the 'me, me, me' mentality and excitable temperament.

Anyway, all quite restrained when I managed to get NH8S on 17m phone on Saturday evening... the propagation had clearly fallen away for much of Eastern EU, and with the dxped calling 'EU up 5', there wasn't even the frantic search to locate the last worked caller.

Earlier in the day, I tried but failed on 17m phone, the op at their end was really struggling, and I'm afraid the cluster monkeys had a field day with him. But the good news was that 5W0QQ was operating a bit further down the band, and I picked up 5W for a new one. And 5W has been a bit of a thorn in my side for a couple of years, often hearing a 5W very strongly and being confident but getting nowhere, and another this year who was jumping from band to band, and going qrt just when I felt very confident. It's a bit ironic, but this 5W was quite weak and I didn't feel overly confident.

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