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by M0TTB - Andy on 04/10/12

14 days of mayhem ahead. To me, the name 'Spratly' always brings back thoughts of the tragedy in the early 80's, when I was in full swing as an Amateur band SWL. I always regarded Spratly as some sort of holy grail for the dx chaser, but it may not have been #1 hardest even back then... it is far from that these days, but still in the top 50 hardest.

Their signals should be good on a number of bands, it's not that tricky compared to the Pacific. Their signals were often 9 today on 20m ssb, even beating the, possibly politically inspired, jamming. As was expected the pile-up across just 5kHz was fierce, the dx code of conduct totally forgotten by so many.

I've yet to have a really good moan about the behaviour of the pile-up idiots on my blog, it's not really going to change anything if I do but I will highlight one of my main gripes about those calling into pile-up, and that is the brain dead who give their callsign twice, sometimes three times without a break to listen when calling in.

Often when the dx is listening, he will take time to pick something up and there is opportunity to give your callsign more than once, but for godness sake, listen every time you give you callsign. I've heard seemingly laudable 'G's' transgress with this, some even with the 'dx code of conduct' plastered over their qrz page. To me, if you give your callsign twice in an over, you are qrm'ing... give it once, quickly and clearly, and then listen.

Forgot to mention, received card back from Monk Apollo today for a 10m qso last year, so I finally have Mount Athos confirmed... and wraps things up for Europe.
Also had a nice package from the guys who did that splendid dxped to Marquesas last Autumn (20-10m bands), and they put in a card for a few bands I worked them on whilst they were on Tahiti.

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