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Surprise new one - Minami-Torishima

by M0TTB - Andy on 05/06/12

These days, for the most part, I expect to know when I'll get a chance at a new most of my needed dxcc are going to be dxpeditions. However, JD1 Minami-Torishima is an odd one, there's usually someone operating from this tiny bit of land for large parts of the year, but I have never heard one before.

Today 12m ssb was doing well, plenty of good signals from far east Asia, AH0, JT, BY, BV and others.... but I noticed a spot down the cluster list that just came up as Japan, but noticed the /JD1 and just assumed it was another Ogasawara operator (loads around at the moment). Then I started listening to him, and he was signing as Minami-Torishima OC-073. A few were calling but nothing like there should be, presumably most were warapped up in the big pile-ups on 12 for 7O and AH0, so I gave it a shot and got through without any problem, 5/5 each way. He disappeared within 10 minutes.

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