M0TTB / M6BBC - QSL Cards Received
A small assortment of QSL cards received by myself, M0TTB (or even M6BBC)

Receiving paper QSL cards has always been very important to me, not for award purposes or anything like that, just the pleasure in confirming a qso with something physical & unique. Many QSL cards tell you a great deal about the Radio Amateur & their QTH at the other end of the qso, some are beautiful some more mundane but every single card is gratefully appreciated.
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Still awaiting QSL card reply 6 months after sending SAE + $$ or IRC
This is not necessarily a reflection on the operator's trustworthiness, but possibly more often a reflection on the insecure postal service at their end. I have a 90%+ return rate, so I'm am more than happy with QSL'ing direct.

AP2IA           Google tells the story & confidence of return lasted about 10 minutes after working him.
AU30SHI      Indian special event station, always going to be tricky. Indian postal service very insecure.
EI7DAR        Sent twice to both addresses, nothing heard. I'm the idiot for chasing an EI card direct.
EP3HF         Never going to be easy, no reply to e-mails - Painful being a new one, but you've got to try.
EP3SMH       E-mailed, no reply. I thought this would be a good one for confirmation but no.
FR1LC         Has no printer to print cards. I'll be amazed if I ever see his card arrive.
GI8WJN       Stamped SAE sent. Surprised at this one, but maybe very occasional operator, with no cards
HS0ZIQ        Thai postal service extremely insecure & civil disturbances in Thailand when sent.
JL8GFB       His QRZ page should've been enough to tell me not to bother sending a card.
JY6ZZ           Club station in Jordan, always on to a loser with this.
OD5NH         Don't laugh... you can't knock someone until you've tried for a card, I have now tried!
PZ5RA          Confirmed as not received, ok guy but Suriname post very insecure, $$ only doesn't help
                   (It appears as if Ramon now operates an OQRS of sorts, so a big thank you!)
SV9COL       Confirmed as not received. SV postal service known as very insecure
SV2DXA       Out of cards, but not confident given political qrz entry. BURO best for EU, lesson learned.
YV1RDX       E-mailed, no reply.
ZL2JBR       Seems to have suddenly decided not to QSL. Being generous, maybe he is overwhelmed?
                   (hope he enjoyed our $$)
4L3A            Via LY4A.

My thoughts (not aimed at the above callsigns)
If you are an amateur radio operator in a desirable dxcc AND thousands of $$ are regularly going missing from your fellow radio amateurs in their simple pursuit of a qsl reply, do one of two things.
1: Get a qsl manager in a secure country.
2: State on your qrz entry that you do not qsl, or at the very least admit the problem and state that a reply is highly unlikely.

After decades and 10's of thousands of $$ going 'missing' in your name, I really don't think 'It's the postal service in my country' is a valid excuse for some infamous operators out there, . If you don't do either of the above (manager or stating 'no qsl'), you will naturally be accused of being a thief.

To finish on a high note, there are some real gentleman and ladies out there. They may ask for $$ for postage costs (I have no problem with that at all), but these operators will send you a card back when you contact them and it is clear the card is lost.

I would like to name these operators and give them the credit they deserve but I wouldn't want anyone to take advantage of their generosity.

And of course a big round of applause for those who ask for no postage costs, especially those who do happen to reside in fairly rare dxcc entities.