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Live Weather from Watford, Hertfordshire from M0TTB
The statistics below will auto update after 120 seconds (or use your web browser refresh button for 60 second update). Weather Underground RapidFire sticker further down page.

Any financial support would be very helpful in my ambitions to improve this weather station and it's accuracy. Ideally I would like to progress to a Davis Pro2 Plus (24hr fan aspirated radiation shield, improved temp/humidity sensor, UV and Solar radiation sensors).

An anemometer transmission kit would also be a step forward as I could then have my anemometer at 10m 365 days a year, instead of the current situation where I lower it when extreme winds are forecast due to worry about the antennas above it!

Ultimately, in the (very)  long run, I dare say I will finance these items myself without help but if you wish to help and speed up the process, a paypal donation to andy_bright 'at' talk21.com would be hugely appreciated. I will update this page in the unlikely event that any help is forthcoming.

Historical data for M0TTB WX Station at Weather Underground HERE
Now uploading to the web with Meteobridge.

Equipment: Davis Instruments Vantage Pro2 Wireless with 2x Pro 2 consoles and 1  'Vue' console. Supplied by Prodata Weather Systems
Temperature, Humidity, Rainfall sensors at 1.8m above mown grass.
Anemometer at approx 12m, but slightly shielded to the East (75°-120°)